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Bitcoin 'tribalism' is holding the crypto industry back, Ripple CEO says
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XRP is an efficient and popular cryptocurrency with a high utility. To be efficient, however, it has foregone a high level of decentralization.

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While Ripple, the software and company, could be successful, I don't think XRP, the native cryptocurrency, is a good investment. Today I look at Bitcoin, and how it stands up against Ripple, a long misunderstood cryptocurrency.

Or will the success of one seal the fate of the other?

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This company offers a payment settling software called Ripple Net. This software has been backed by numerous large banks and financial institutions and it fulfills a similar function to the SWIFT payment system. XRP is a token that was created to settle transactions through Ripple Connect. The cryptocurrency was created with speed and efficiency in mind.

Ripple and Bitcoin Are Tough to Compare for Several Reasons

More accurately, XRP is used as a measure of value for transfers within the system. In terms of technical specs and supply, XRP works very differently from most other cryptocurrencies.

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In reality, there are a few banks with servers running a consensus protocol. Transactions in XRP can be done confirmed in under 4 seconds, and around transactions can be processed every second. Source: Ripple. Some were distributed to partners, but most of it remained in control of the company, Ripple, and this is the case to this day.

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As we can see, XRP and Ripple are unique in certain ways. They were created with a clear goal in mind, and offer some advantages and disadvantages.

Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: Fighting For The Future Of Money

How does XRP compare to Bitcoin? However, it does create a problem of centralization. XRP, while technically a decentralized cryptocurrency, is a lot more centralized than other cryptocurrencies. As mentioned above, there is a consensus protocol which is run by a few entities.

New Value: Crypto Trends in Business and Beyond

And these entities are for the most part selected by the Ripple cserélhetek-e kriptobitcoinra ripple-re. Out of nearly 1, nodes, a group of 33 are selected by the whole group to finalize transactions. Source: cryptobriefing.

Anderson is CPA, doctor of accounting, and an accounting and finance professor who has been working in the accounting and finance industries for more than 20 years.

Ultimately, it is very clear that the Ripple company and those closest to it have a tight grasp on cryptocurrency. Is this necessarily bad?

So far this year, XRP has a change of

It depends on what your objectives are. XRP was created to be the default settlement currency of Ripple's payment system. It is designed to be fast and efficient, which it is, but also so that control is retained by the Cserélhetek-e kriptobitcoinra ripple-re company.

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Arguably, though, they should be as interested as any XRP owner is seeing the currency succeed, right? Without a doubt, this is the biggest difference between Ripple and Bitcoin.

This is the essence of the cryptocurrency movement.

Bitcoin vs. Ripple: What's the Difference?

Is Ripple worth owning? In my humble opinion, not really, and the reason is two-fold.

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Furthermore, nothing is stopping the company from creating more XRP if it is deemed necessary. It might want to do this if it felt like XRP became too prohibitive for users to enter its payment system.

How XRP works

Ultimately, the company behind XRP is trying to promote its payment system, and the value of the currency falls second. XRP is not a store of value, cserélhetek-e kriptobitcoinra ripple-re a tool.

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  4. Bitcoin vs. Ripple: What's the Difference?
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The big problem I find here is that, if things go south for XRP, what is to stop Ripple from using a different cryptocurrency as a settlement base for its system? Or, even, starting another one from scratch? And, for that matter, what is legjobb bináris opció rövid szünet 2020 stop Ripple from increasing the supply of XRP if and whenever it deems it necessary?

Bitcoin 'tribalism' is holding the crypto industry back, Ripple CEO says

These are the inherent problems of centralization, and while XRP is a tool that makes life a lot easier for banks, it is still, at its core, supporting a centralized system. Takeaway Bitcoin is a store of value, with a decentralized nature and a limited supply.

Raoul Pal's XRP Price Prediction For 2022

We know it will since Ripple is still hoarding most of it. Can Bitcoin and Ripple coexist? Yes, to an extent, but only in a world that is still deeply dependent on banks and centralized financial institutions. Ultimately, Bitcoin and Ripple stand for a different future, and while Ripple is a step in the right direction, it is not the final destination. Make sure to follow and stay tuned for my upcoming Marketplace, where I will share my cryptocurrency portfolio and discuss weekly events and news in the world of Crypto, DeFi and NFTs!

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