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Bitcoin slump offers tax play for investors — for now

Follow egreechee on Twitter Core Scientific CORZthe world's largest publicly traded bitcoin mining company, has begun reporting daily production figures on its website in a move to improve transparency for its shareholders and other stakeholders.

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The figure is "one of the most important performance measures in our industry," CEO Mike Levitt said in a press release. Core Scientific is the first publicly traded miner to report the amount of bitcoin it mines on a daily basis, according to Darin Feinstein, bitcoin transzparencywash kereskedés company's co-founder and co-chairman.

Core Scientific mined The number will update every day at p. Stock exchange-listed bitcoin mining firms usually report monthly figures such as the total or the daily average of bitcoin mined, as well as hashrate and crypto held in their treasuries. Core Scientific didn't indicate that it has plans to publish any daily metrics other than production figures.

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Meanwhile, blockchain technology firm Blockstream and Jack Dorsey's payments company Block SQ plan to give a lot more information about their mining operations.

The pair have announced that a small bitcoin mine powered by solar panels and Tesla TSLA batteries will be revealing real-time data on a dashboard, including the site's energy consumption and hashrate, which is a measure of computational power.

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